Fashion Shoots & Look Books

Capturing Your Creativity With My Lens

There is a common misconception that when it comes to fashion photography, the only key ingredients to a successful shoot are showcasing the latest trends and booking the hottest models. In reality, there is so much more that goes into a successful photo shoot—and photography skills are only one part of that equation.

From conceptualization to budgeting to talent and location finding is what I do here in Paris. Creating a team of talent such as makeup artist, videographer, models and stylists help support you and show off your designs and artistry in the best way possible.

In a big city such as Paris, there are hundreds of possibilities for an awesome shoot and yet possibilities that we don't expect. I have backup plans and solve our shooting issues so you can concentrate on getting your best looks forward.


We first talk what is your inspiration. We create a mood board so that everyone on the team has the look and feel clear. We build our team and dive in to making your story. Let's work together!

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